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Quality policy

CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L.’s details, domain name registrant (

– Business name: CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L.
– Registered office: C/ Sevilla, parcelas 1 y 2. Polígono Industrial El Prado. 06800 Mérida (Badajoz)
– Tax Identification Number: B06603161- Telephone: 902 27 40 51- Fax: 924 37 86 58
– E-mail:
– Registration details: The company CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L. is registered in the Campanies Registry of Badajoz, in Volume 520, Folio 166, Sheet BA-23193, First entry.

Rules on Confidentiality

CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L. commits to protect the privacy of all the Users that visit its website, as well as the websites belonging to our business partners.
CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L. meets the commitments referred to in the APP’s (Spanish Association of Self-Control in Advertising) Code of Ethics.
CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L. reserves the right to include in a personal data file created under its responsibility the data provided by the Users (for example, by e-mail or the available electronic forms) in order to manage their requests or queries. Users may at any time exercise their right to access, amend, contest and cancel the treatment of their personal information by written note (containing a copy of the user’s official identity card) addressed to CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L. (c/Sevilla, parcelas 1 y 2. Polígono Industrial El Prado. 06800 Mérida – Badajoz), or by sending an email to CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L. commits to maintain confidentiality concerning confidential personal information, process it as strictly confidential and keep it taking the measures needed to avoid its unauthorised alteration, loss, processing or access, and considering the state of technology.


Use of Copyrighted Material
All material provided on this website is owned by CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L. or other companies related to its activity.
Even though you can copy part of the content of this website for personal use, you are not allowed to use it for commercial gain or take advantage of it in any other form unless you have written authorization.

Registered Trademarks
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CARNES Y VEGETALES S.L. reserves the right to modify or delete the contents, services and information provided on this website at any time and without prior notice.

This Legal Notice is governed by applicable state regulations.

CARNES Y VEGETALES is a company dedicated to the Design and Production of canned meat and pâtés at the Mérida plant and to the Design and production of tomato concentrate, crushed meat and sauces at the Montijo plant.

The Directorate of MEAT and VEGETABLES assumes the objective of obtaining safe, high-quality products that satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and consumers, while ensuring compliance with current legislation and are produced in a profitable and appropriate manner. social environment (environmental and sustainability, and ethical and labor commitment).

It is part of this policy, the use of ingredients not originating from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and to restrict the use of allergenic ingredients as far as possible.

To achieve this objective, CARNES y VEGETALES will operate with a Quality Management System based on Risk Management principles, which provide a structural basis for activities associated with the manufacture of safe, high-quality products, and complies with the principles of the ISO – 9001, Codex Alimentarius (HACCP) and other national, European and international standards such as IFS, within which a product protection plan (Food Defense) is developed.

The controls will be aimed at the continuous reduction of deficiencies and the continuous improvement of products and processes.

The CARNES y VEGETALES Directorate will provide the appropriate resources to ensure the understanding and implementation of the Quality Policy and standards on which it is based, as specified in the Quality Manual.


The Directorate of CARNES y VEGETALES undertakes to:

  • Review the continuous adaptation of the Quality Management System, including the HACCP System.
  • Support the functions of the HACCP team.
  • Establish and review quality objectives/li>
  • Ensure full compliance with quality standards and that appropriate behaviors are implemented in all Factories, considering all employees responsible for maintaining and improving the safety and quality of our products.

Our basic pillars:

WORKING AS A TEAM with mutual respect, favoring and enhancing communication.

LEADERSHIP knowing each employee their objectives and responsibilities and having sufficient means, support and confidence for success in their work within an environment of collaboration, communication and participation.

TOTAL QUALITY that begins in the work that each one performs and for the service and collaboration that it provides to its internal or external clients to achieve the continuous improvement of the efficiency of our processes in a dynamic way with the support of the Management Systems.

PROFESSIONALISM working with discipline using the best of our knowledge and experiences, in compliance with the agreed objectives, in a dynamic, changing and competitive environment.

OUR VALUES, involvement, austerity, transparency, responsibility, effort. Flexibility, teamwork and customer and consumer orientation.


Managing Director: Eduardo Fernández López                                    Quality Manager: Herminia Moreno González

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