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Our black leg

The recipe for Tomato Frito de Fruco Clásico comes from 1959.
FRUCO’s image has been rejuvenated with a brand restyling.

And the range is expanded with the launch of 3 top quality tomato sauces: Fruco’s pata negra.

The new Fruco line

These new sauces are also made with tomatoes grown in the sun, with high quality ingredients ; and they are presented under an image that reinforces their gourmet positioning.

It comes with three references:

Fried tomato
Artisan Recipe

containing 15% Olive Oil

Fried tomato
Ecological Artisan Recipe

with 4% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

of tomato

for Pizza and Pasta

Our secret,
Extremadura lands

Apis has a quality commitment with its clients and consumers, it has no intermediaries; since it has its own production, thanks to the more than 2,500 cooperative members that make up the company.

The key to the flavor and quality of the product is the origin, the Extremadura lands. The tomato sauces are made with field tomatoes, watered with the water from Las Vegas Bajas del Guadiana and packaged in less than 6 hours after being collected.

New Fruco range

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