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Apis committed to the Innovation and Talent Program

The Innovation and Talent Program is an experimental and innovative training project in alternation with employment in private companies for young technologists and technologists under 30 years of age.

Its aim is to improve the chances of job placement for unemployed young people with university degrees or intermediate or higher level training cycles.

The sectors to which the activity is directed are: agri-food, ICT, Tourism, Health, Clean Energy, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as Green Economy, Circular Economy and Bioeconomy.

Apis and Syngenta expand the Pollinator Project for the improvement of biodiversity.

At Apis we care about nature, and that is why we are pleased to announce the expansion of our agreement with Syngenta through which we will implement the Pollinator Project in all of our crops before 2022. Through this commitment we will improve biodiversity in plantations, thus generating a sustainable and responsible agriculture with the environment.

APIS is committed to sustainable agriculture practices.

APIS and Syngenta have launched a plan to extend biodiversity in industrial tomato production areas. This is Operation Pollinator, an initiative of the Syngenta company whose main objective is the generation of habitats in agricultural environments, improving the provision of food and shelter to the fauna of the area. The project has started with a pilot plot, and aims to be extended to 3% of the APIS production area in the next 2 years.

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