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“Natural” Tomato

From the countryside to your table.

With an exquisite taste, scent and consistency, it can be used as a basis for making sauces or as an ingredient in more complex dishes.

Enjoy the convenience of not having to peel or mice the onion, an essential condiment in any sauté.

“Pan-fried” Tomatoes

Ready to be served with your favourite dishes.

Ready to be served with your favourite dishes, it is made from our best tomatoes and delivered in a practical, disposable container.

Italian tomato puree that is characterised by its high concentration due to the cooking process. The taste of Apis tomato passata is much more intense than that of an ordinary tomato sauce.

Homemade with the best tomatoes to bring out all their texture.

Made from sun-grown seasonal tomatoes.

Vegetables cooked to perfection, very crispy.

“Organic” Tomatoes

Sun-ripened tomatoes to give it the unique flavour that consumers love time and time again.

Ready to complement your favorite dishes.

In your table