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SUAVITTAS: New Turkey Spreads

23 de March de 2017 | 4:17 pm

Apis has placed an iinovative, healthy snack on the market: some new turkey spreads announced as the 2017 “Flavour of the Year”.

The product, in line with the preferences of the healthy food market, was developed as an innovative and healthy alternative to traditional pâtés. These new low-fat spreads have a higher nutrient content whilst retaining their flavour. Each 160g glass package contains a mix of contemporary flavours that go perfectly with the turkey. Turkey spread, turkey with quinoa and turkey with figs: these three products meet the specific demands of increasingly health-conscious consumer, who appreciate the importance of the environment and love natural ingredients.

For the purpose of developing a product that addresses their current needs, Apis carried out an indepth study on consumer behaviour. In this way, after the establishment of new diversification and innovation strategies, the company fully fits with the market preferences.

In fact, 87 percent of consumers who tried the product say that they would buy more than one flavour and, among them, the turkey spread and the turkey with quinoa obtained the highest marks at a sensory level, which is associated to a higher purchase intent.

According to a study by the Extremaduran manufacturer, 25- to 45-year-old consumers say that Apis’ turkey spreads are low-fat, healthy snacks that enable them to enjoy delicious tastes and a smooth texture without losing the flavour.

After launching the turkey spreads, Apis, which has one of the Europe’s largest and most innovative meat factories and processes more than seven million kilograms of product each year, plans to further reinforce innovation in production and flavour in the comng years.

Apis’ aim is to place healthier products on the Spanish market and improve its international positioning by the hand of new marketing channels.

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