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Apis strengthens its position in the tomato market.

20 de February de 2017 | 8:13 am

Apis strengthens its position in the tomato market and Alimarket echoes it.

APIS ended the last fiscal year (2016) with a rising turnover and an over double-digit growth in the traded volume, which allows for the enhancement of its leadership in the natural tomato sector in accordance with current market-sharing.

Therefore, and with the aim of supporting this growth, the company has also planned for this year an additional investment of approximately 200,000€ in specialized machinery – ultimately, mixers and minor equipment.

In 2016, the same amount was already established for the improvement and expansion of the capacity of the company’s product line for Horeca.

Specifically, the division earned 10 million euros during that period, which is an almost 17% increase in relation to the 8.5 million received in 2015. In terms of volume, the company sold 16,000 tons between crushed tomato, minced natural tomato and whole tomatoes, all under Apis’ scope, 24.5% more and about 3,200 tons more than the previous year.

As part of its announced strategy to reduce the presence of private labels in the company’s accounts, Carnes y Vegetales limited the quantity of natural tomatoes intended for supplying private labels to 20%, as against 31% in 2015, being Carrefour one of its major clients. Regarding the channels, the self-service remains in the forefront, concentrating 91% of sales, followed by Horeca (7%) and the traditional channel (2%), although the company is also testing online sales through its own online shop and the world’s biggest e-commerce company, Amazon.

Its latest market innovations were precisely intended to meet the recent demands on convenience and more natural products by launching a new range of organic crushed tomato and an innovative packaging line (carton).

Source: Alimarket. Vanessa Verde. 17/02/2017

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