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Regular Exercise is the Best Recipe

30 de January de 2017 | 8:40 am
Beber dos litros de agua al día

Regular exercise may be the best recipe, a key habit: Four 1-hour weekly training sessions represent 2.4% of our time.

Taking this into consideration, it is a very small investment that bring us great benefits.

“Generally, those who work out start to eat better and are more efficient”. “They smoke less and are more patient with their family and friends. They also use their credit cards less often and say they feel less stressed”. “Regular exercise is a key habit that triggers a global change”.

-Charles Duhlig


1 – Start to exercise with a short-term, reachable goal.

2 – Use daily reminders to start your physical activity: set an alarm on your phone, leave your trainers near the door…

3 – Reward yourself after workout: take a relaxing, warm shower, drink cold water with lemon juice, stretch……

4 – Keep track of your achievements and successes, which will feed your desire for self-improvement.

5 – Turn exercise into a fun habit.

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