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The Importance of Good Rest

16 de January de 2017 | 8:41 am
La importancia del descanso

According to scientists from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Manchester and Surrey, not sleeping enough can lead to severe health problems.

Cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, infections and obesity are directly linked to insufficient rest.

Our biological clock originates from our evolutionary past, when we were active during the day and slept at night. Throughout the day, our alertness levels, mood, physical force and even the risk of heart attack may change.

Light is the most important timer for our internal biological clock

Energy-saving light bulbs, as well as mobile phones, pads and computers, provide higher light levels in the blue end of the spectrum, which is “at the right spot” where it affects the biological clock.

“Light exposure, specially to short-wavelength blue light, modifies our rhythm, thus delaying melatonin release and making it more difficult to wake up in the morning”.

#NaturTip: Try to live to the rhythm of environment and avoid light before bedtime because it affects sleep and our natural biological clock.

Reading a book or drinking a hot beverage may help sleep.


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