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Naturally good

More than 2,500 cooperative members united for one purpose: to bring the best of nature to your table.

More than 2,500 cooperative members, or what is the same, a great family that knows and takes care of the field, the processes and the products.

The practical and familiar spirit of always with its original image. The Classic Fruco Tomato recipe comes from 1959 but Fruco’s image has been rejuvenated in 2020 with a slight restyling. The Fruco brand expands the range with the launch of top-quality tomato sauces: Fruco’s pata negra.

Natural Origin

One of the largest agri-food groups in the country, two benchmark brands such as Apis and Fruco and a very clear commitment: to offer natural products of the highest quality.

Discover our recipes

Discover some tasty and simple dishes to surprise your loved ones. Because yes, having good company is one of the main ingredients.


Take life in the healthiest and most natural way with these recommendations on healthy habits.

Apis News

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