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Apis news

Naturally, our latest news.

    27 March, 2017
    Apis and The Boss Baby, the new DreamWorks Animation film,invite you to London to have fun like a re...
  • SUAVITTAS: New Turkey Spreads
    23 March, 2017
    Apis has placed an iinovative, healthy snack on the market: some new turkey spreads announced as the...
  • Apis and Trolls take Almudena to New York City.
    17 March, 2017
    We're delighted to announce the winner of our “Apis and Trolls invite you to New York City” raff...
  • Apis se refuerza en el mercado de tomate natural
    Apis strengthens its position in the tomato market.
    20 February, 2017
    Apis strengthens its position in the tomato market and Alimarket echoes it.APIS ended the last f...
  • Premio sabor del año 2017 ara nuestros patés saludables
    2017 “Flavour of the Year” Award
    10 February, 2017
    A new APIS product, which will be available soon, was announced as the 20...
  • stand Agroexpo Apis
    APIS in the Agroexpo fair
    25 January, 2017
    As happens every year, Apis attended the International Agroexpo Fair, which took place fr...