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Natural Origin

More than 2,500 co-operativists make Apis into far more than one of the largest food corpotations in Spain. They turn it into a family that knows and cares about the countryside, the processes and the products better than anyone else.

This is precisely the basis of Apis’ philosophy: to sustainably manage resources from sowing to final packaging.

In our Plant specialising in the tomato processing, which is located in Montijo (Vegas Bajas del Guadiana), tomatoes are processed immediately after bieng harvested, which allows for the maintenance of all their natural characteristics, as well as their vitamins and health benefits.

Furthermore, our Factory in Mérida, one of the Europe’s most innovative and productive centres for the preservation of meat (more than 7 million of kilos per year), ensures thar Apis will continue to offer the best quality products and the most natural flavour for many years.

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Sabor del año 2017


The food industry is constantly evolving, and that is the reason for APIS’ commitment to innovatin, for keeping pace with an ever-changing market that is increasingly concerned about health care.

IN January 2017, a new APIS product won two innovation awards.

This new product, which will be available soon, was announced as the 2017 Flavour of the Year and was short-listed for the AGROEXPO innovation award.

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